Hello, we are Highland Tech Highs' Lego Robotics team (2173) and this is our website for 2008-2009! Look through our site and learn more about our team...

 Here are some things you should know about this Website:
-This Website is dedicated to, and specifically for our Sponsors/Supporters/Stakeholders to our School.

-This site is monitored daily by Team Members and any tampering will not be tolerated.

-This Website is made for the exclusive purpose of updating our sponsors on the current events of our Team.

-This Website and the majority of it's information is subject to change.

We are a School Team (currently subject to change) and this Website was built/is maintained by students of the school.

-The Blog page of this site is to only be used by our Sponsors so that we may be able to clarify our information with them.

-Sponsors/Stakeholders/Supporters may also use our Blog page to suggest any changes and/or comments they have for the Website.

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