Missions 1-19 (Link Below)

There are many processes that we utilize in choosing the Table Robot we will use for an entire year. In this section we will explain some of these processes and procedures to you. Directly below are some robot designs we've begun exploring:

RCX (Robotic Command Explorer) is a older operating system, still used by some teams. It has a mere six bytes of memory, and is very touchy when it's used for high accuracy applications (In our general opinion).
 The NXT  is a newer operating system, with more memory than the RCX. It has a higher operating speed, with much more functions and extremely accurate sensors.


Without well thought-out and efficient programming,our robot is not able to complete missions on time, or correctly. Programming is code that directs a robot's every action. If there was no programming in a robot, it wouldn't be able to do anything. We meet regularly to talk about efficient programming and what we can do to improve our use of code.

Robot (Robust) Design

 Our robots need to be very robust, meaning that they must be compact and strongly built. We have a number of ways of doing this, and one such way is to make cross braces. Plus there is the idea of using a "M.O.T." M.O.T. stands for Main On Top, which means that the robot has different base designs, and transfers between them all. For example, you have the robot by itself, and then you put it onto a base that has implements that accomplish the programmed mission. Here is what it can look like:
 This is something that can be considered Robust:
This is something that is not Robust:

We've used many different implement-design-ideas to build this years Robot. Every implement has it's purpose and must work every time, and smoothly work according to a robot's programming. This is always a very important component in robot design.  Below are a few of the ideas that we've considered:

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