Above all else, our team values teamwork. Although it can be difficult at times, we always try to work together.
Each week or so, we do some sort of team building exercise to help us work together more smoothly.
Below is a list of some of the different teamwork exercises we have done. The types of exercises are shown in the left-side boxes, while their descriptions are in the boxes adjacent to them.
 Longest Bridge

Tallest Structure

 Helium Stick

Match the Structures

 Description: Our team was split into two groups. These two teams each had to build a bridge that only has two areas of contact, and can hold the selected weight/s.
 Description: We had to build the tallest structure possible. Each of the teams could only use two colors of Legos.
 Description: Like the longest bridge exercise, each team had to build there own bridge, but the difference was that, after our bridges were built we connected them. Then, each of us had to put one of our fingers under the bridge without grabbing it. It is called the Helium Stick because when one side was lowered, the other side started going up.
 Description: One Team had to build a structure while the other team waited, once they finished, the other team had to build it but without looking, the only way they knew how to build it was from the other team's assistance.
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