Our research project has turned out to be very complex and exciting. We've talked with several guest speakers, and have had numerous group discussions that have helped us to narrow down, and define our research topic. Below, is a list of the steps (Along with descriptions) we have taken in creating our research project:
 Step 1: First, we brainstormed several possible topics that we considered using.
Step 2: Second, we researched the topics we had discussed using the internet, and complied the information we had gathered so the group could further narrow down our options.
 Step 3: After this we voted on three topics that we had left. These topics were Arctic Sea Ice Melt, The Northwest Passage, and Coastal Erosion
 Step 4: We met with several guest speakers to find more information on our three remaining topics
 Step 5: Later, we voted one last time to decide on our final research project topic.
And that's that, our Research Project Topic this year is: Sea Ice Melt/North West Passage Shipping
 Now, on to the problem we chose and the solutions we've researched!
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